My Great Escape

My husband has been working as a truck driver for a while. Recently, he decided to buy his own semi and become an owner operator. Thanks to the loving support of my family, I was able to fly to Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband to buy his semi. Once we signed papers, we began our journey home, picking up and delivering loads along the way.


Flying to Utah was quite an experience for me. I had never flown before. We had two connecting flights. We flew from Tallahassee, FL to Orlando, FL. We changed planes in Orlando and flew to Houston, TX where we changed planes again and flew on to Salt Lake City, UT. Taking off and landing were my favorite parts. When we landed in Utah, I was elated. I was so happy that I had finally gotten to fly. I was also happy that I didn’t die.

Utah was the first state that took my breath away. The mountains were amazing. “Purple mountain majesty” became so real to me. Salt Lake City is surrounded by these mountains. From the truck terminal where we were to Wal-Mart, mountains…everywhere.

As we left Utah, we drove through the mountains at night. Gorgeous! I didn’t get many good night pictures but I won’t forget how amazing the landscape was all around me.


The next state we drove through was Wyoming.


That’s what I remember most about Wyoming. It was so white…and cold. The mountains and the valleys were covered in fresh, beautiful, white snow.

Next, we went over to Nebraska. There are three things that I remember most about Nebraska. 1) Rural for miles and miles 2) Huge wind turbines 3) Cold. We saw a guy ice fishing on a frozen pond and a neighborhood that was flooded and then frozen.

From Nebraska, we drove down to Kansas. To me, the most surprising thing about Kansas was the oil rigs.

From Kansas, we drove through St. Louis, MO. I kept hoping we would get to drive by the St. Louis Gateway Arch. This is the only proof I have that I actually got to see it:


Sad. I know.

Leaving Missouri, we drove through Illinois over to Indiana, back to Illinois. In Effingham, IL, we saw the world’s largest cross.


We saw beauty in the country.

We saw beauty in the city.

From Illinois, we drove north to Wisconsin. Wisconsin was definitely one of the prettiest states. I wanted to see snow on this trip and Wisconsin didn’t let me down. It snowed on us the first day there. My husband was not thrilled because of the road conditions but I was ecstatic!

When we finished our business in Wisconsin, it was time to go south. We drove back through Illinois, through a small part of Kentucky and down into Tennessee. I was excited to be headed home.

Finally, we crossed over into Georgia.

My two week escape was a refreshing my soul desperately needed. Two whole weeks with my husband, flying for the first time, seeing sights I had never seen, roughing it in the semi, truck stop to truck stop, colder temperatures than I’m used to, mountains, valleys, snow and sunshine. Incredible.





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