About Me

My name is Cindy and I live in south Georgia. I have always loved taking pictures. Ask my kids! A few years ago, I went on a two-week trip across the country and realized just how much I love digital photography.


My favorite subjects are found in nature. I have photographed animals, flowers, bugs, trees, water, pipes, poles, fences, buildings, cars, farm equipment, railroad ties, etc. If it had an interesting angle, I probably have it on an SD card somewhere.

I enjoy photographing things in motion, in a natural environment. I don’t do poses and plastered smiles very well. Probably because I never look good in pictures like that.

The pictures on this site are all mine. Occasionally, I’ll feature pictures taken by other people but I’ll always give credit where credit is due. All designs on my prints are mine as well.

This website is a labor of love. Photography is my bliss. ♥