Parrot, Georgia

During our recent travels, we stopped in Parrot, Georgia to take pictures of the old buildings in the very small town. While I was walking around, a local man pulled up in his pickup truck and began telling me the history of Parrot.

John Lawson Parrott was born in 1838. He was raised on the land that is now Parrott and went to school in the county. He began farming at the age of nineteen and enlisted in the military in 1861 to fight in the War Between the States. At the end of the war, he came back home to Parrott. When his parents died, he inherited the land.

In 1889, John Lawson Parrott laid out the town of Parrott. The city limits of the town was an area of one mile in diameter and contained a high school, Methodist and Missionary Baptist church, seven stores, two ginneries, a planing mill, grist mill, hotel and livery stable.  Parrott became the town’s first mayor and was in office until 1904.

The town grew and other businesses opened. Parrott prospered in its first fifty years; it was said that there were more millionaires per capita in Parrott than anywhere else in the state.

In 1979, the movie The Long Riders was filmed in Parrott. The streets were covered in dirt and the downtown was transformed to look like the western Missouri plains.



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