Pine Mountain, Georgia

Pine Mountain is located about an hour southwest of Atlanta, Georgia. Originally named Chipley, the town was established in 1882 when the railroad spread from Columbus, Georgia.

Originally, the land around Pine Mountain was inhabited by the Creek Indians. In 1825, at Indian Springs, Georgia, Chief McIntosh signed a treaty ceding the land to the U.S. Government. Other Creek Indians disagreed and killed McIntosh.

More treaties were signed and by 1826 the Creeks had crossed the Chattahoochee River into Alabama, where they remained for about a decade before moving further west.

In more recent history, Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Pine Mountain many times. He visited as a private citizen, as the governor of New York and as the 32nd President of the United States. His last trip through the area was in 1945, on his way to Warm Springs, Georgia.

We found Pine Mountain to be a charming town with many hidden treasures. There was plenty of recreation, including the Wild Animal Safari, F. D. Roosevelt State Park and Callaway Gardens and immense hospitality.



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